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  EMISSION DU 12/05/2024

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hoist kontrol kontrast shallow underground fucking north pole

2 triage come n play fox hours whenwithout

3 girls in synthesis subtle differences sublimation own it

4 machiavellian art crime population control riot season

5 kathryn mohr cut v/a: your voice is not enough the flenser

6 ipanazar gateway skin hunger autoproduction

7 death sells state of mind state of mind bert music

8 vaag secret life paniek! eat dust

9 other half farm games dark ageism big scary monsters

10 average life complaints skinned alive skinned alive autoproduction

11 dollar dreams backroads & memories you´re halfway there trawaaz

12 bliss foxx cupid the sting autoproduction

13 saturnalias jsuk bugfest candlepin

14 blacklisters tech guy this is not an album of blklstrs a tant rêver du roi

15 machiavellian art population control (1) population control riot season

16 girls in synthesis picking thing out of the air sublimation own it

17 bacchae next time next time get better

18 fabriccio de la mora headless headless autoproduction

19 flender corky romano jender autoproduction

20 aw tttinman simple songs autoproduction

21 head cut human staircase corazón negro naked time

22 the lost letters cecille the lost letters cruel nature

23 loveletter prophets testament autoproduction

24 tintoretto dying days tintoretto expert work

25 coded marking zerom sum coded marking autoproduction

26 pez globo autopista vertical temporada en neptuno autoproduction

27 acid talk beezmoth plastic tendencies jaune orange

28 porcelain resume restart v/a: seismic waves: volume 1 seismic wave entertainment

29 girls in synthesis a damning lesson sublimation own it

30 machiavellian art fear of the outside word population control riot season

Artiste: girls in synthesis
Album: sublimation
Label: own it

Artiste: machiavellian art
Album: population control
Label: riot season

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