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  EMISSION DU 27/12/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 comanechi rabbit love crime of love merok

2 homostupids i am the hawk the load load

3 little claw frozen in the future human taste ecstatic peace!

4 lullabye arkestra get nervous threats/worship vice

5 the warlocks you make me wait the mirror explodes tee pee

5 good for cows thanks guys fuck you be bop fantasy asian man

6 oneida i will haunt you rated o jagjaguwar

6 dum dum girls ship of love dum dum girls zoo

6 dum dum girls longhair longhair 7" hozac

6 dum dum girls put a sock in it yours alone 12" ep captured tracks

8 the black angels mission district directions to see a ghost light in the attic

8 vague angels morning, evening, and night let's duke it out at kilkenny katz pretty activity

8 broadcast and the focus groupe ritual/looking in broadcast and the focus groupe investigate witch cults of the radio age warp

8 lullabye arkestra we fuck the night threats/worship vice

8 little claw slow sticky tornado human taste ecstatic peace!

8 mono the battle to heaven hymn to the immortal wind conspiracy

8 the ax weak creatures our queen of dirt whoa! boat

8 gliss morning light devotion implosion cordless

8 tiny vipers young god life on earth sub pop

8 big bear song 15 under the beach autoproduction

9 fordamage providence or fortune belgian tango kythibong

9 usssy wild moustaches usssy r.a.i.g

9 to kill a petty bourgeoisie the needle marlone kranky

9 baxter stockman evilize ep2 side effect

9 lullabye arkestra euroshima threats/worship vice

9 little claw golden boy human taste ecstatic peace!

Artiste: little claw
Album: human taste
Label: ecstatic peace!

Artiste: lullabye arkestra
Album: threats/worship
Label: vice


Artiste: dum dum girls
Album: yours alone 12" ep
Label: captured tracks
Track(s): put a sock in it

Artiste: dum dum girls
Album: longhair 7"
Label: hozac
Track(s): longhair

Artiste: dum dum girls
Album: dum dum girls
Label: zoo
Track(s): ship of love

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