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Dimanche 18h-20h & rediffusion lundi 10h-12h sur 48 fm (105.00 FM) ou 24h/24 via Mixcloud

  EMISSION DU 08/01/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sweet pea sandbox chicks hate wes trance syndicate

2 t.d. hoffset first yaka autoproduction

3 cornershop born disco died heavy metal hold on it hurts wiiija

4 headbutt trachea trauma danger ice petty bourgeois broadcasts

5 sightings the easy answer michigan haters psych-o-path

5 appliance a little more information imperial metric mute

6 echoboy high pitch needs volume 2 mute

6 flying saucer attack the whole day v/a: flying saucer attack/roy montgomery ep vhf

6 the azusa plane temporal continuum tycho magnetic anomaly camera obscura

6 ciccone youth into the groovey the whitey album blast first

8 junkie brewster madonna v/a: phil scrotum & friends (compilation 2) autoproduction

8 el guapo stuntteam untitled track soul style / soul machine björn detlef

8 the phantom limbs hot knives and hornets applied ignorance alternative tentacles

8 gomm rejoice destroyed to perfection pias

8 beatnik filmstars untitled track phase 3 no life

8 brother jt & vibrolux untitled track doomsday rock siltbreeze

8 tank landslag upwards at 66°n earworm

8 hovercraft endoradiosonde experiment below blast first
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