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  EMISSION DU 15/01/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cafeteria dance fever satanic hyena where´s my bleach? (7") hovercraft

2 the the fall cosmos 7 ersatz g.b. cherry red

3 sex church waking up growing over load

4 noem panzer panzer this charming man

5 matt elliott dust flesh and bones the broken man

5 the men madonna: star of the sea immaculada deranged

6 god bows to math teenagers is lazy journalism solar lights don´t work at night autoproduction

6 chelsea wolfe demons apokalypsis pendu sound

6 les louise mitchels funk la police trop bon trop con

6 sissters there´s a party in my mouth but you´re not invited there´s a party in my mouth but you´re not invited coraille

8 noem ghost panzer this charming man

8 sex church treading water growing over load

8 omega massif ursus arctos karpatia denovali

8 atari teenage riot blood in my eyes is this hyperreal? dim mak

8 ladder devils get ok forget english autoproduction

8 idiot prayer sausage spectrum falconer muzai

8 berline0.33 socialite planned obsolescence katatak

8 cellos mailroom blues bomb shelter autoproduction

8 broadcast sea lost generation lost generation autoproduction

8 widowspeak harsh realm harsh realm/burn out 7" captured tracks

9 noem chronic fatigue panzer this charming man

9 sex church growing over growing over load

Artiste: sex church
Album: growing over
Label: load

Artiste: noem
Album: panzer
Label: this charming man

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