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  EMISSION DU 22/01/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the megaphonic thrift talks like a weed king decay decoy sonic unyon

2 ultraphallus right models sowberry hagan riot season

3 young widows young rivers in and out of youth and lightness temporary residence limited

4 hawks holy day rub trans ruin

5 true widow jackyl as high as the highest heavens and from the center to the circumference of the earth kemado

5 sonic youth jean-baptiste à la fenêtre simon werner a disparu syr

6 satanized perineal wrath technical virginity skin graft

6 l´enfance rouge nada, nothing, niente, gar nicht, rien bar-bari wallace

6 zoft mr goodpain electrically haunted humpty dumpty

6 action beat solgunn beatings truth cult

8 deaf wish elementary school mercy radio

8 enablers no, not gently blown realms and stalled explosions

8 nicoffeine partyzan vs. prominent tongue lighthealer stalking flashplayer blunoise

8 birth factory line birth dead beat

8 hands up who wants to die stopwatch buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo richter collective

8 white suns first purge waking in the reservoir ugexplode

8 that fucking tank car on fire tft obscene baby auction

8 berline0.33 guardian of trash planned obsolescence katatak

8 cartographer drop a is a ridiculous tuning hats, capes, dark arts autoproduction

8 the men think leave home sacred bones

9 sex church waking up growing over load

9 pord my heroin valparaiso rejuvenation

9 brain f# v-2 sleep rough grave mistake

9 pneu clapasetsu highway to health head

9 hella self checkout tripper sargent house

9 thee oh sees opposition carrion crawler/the dream in the red

9 psychic paramount intro sp ii no quarter

9 daniel stripped tiger wait outside no difference cleanplate/purepain sugar

10 k-holes meat man k-holes hozac

10 times new viking don´t go to liverpool dancer equired wichita

11 omega massif ursus arctos karpatia denovali

11 god bows to math slow decline god bows to math muzai

11 peter kernel panico! this is love white death black heart africantape
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