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  EMISSION DU 19/05/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers the 99´s strange moon dead oceans

2 white mystery secret garden telepathic autoproduction

3 bleached looking for a fight ride your heart dead oceans

4 meat mist filth fuck smut xo press

5 rabbits meth valley 99 bites rites good to die

5 eric in the kitchen the situation a heart of clouds and stars tape safe

6 girls pissing on girls pissing feast of trumpets eeling muzai

6 looks like miaou canif & diana ross looks like miaou bon voyage

6 marvin un chien en hiver barry africantape

6 kinski we think she´s a nurse cosy moments kill rock stars

8 perfect pussy ii i have lost all desire for feeling autoproduction

8 thee oh sees floating coffin floating coffin castle face

8 bleached next stop ride your heart dead oceans

8 meat mist wave ov bummer smut xo press

8 degreaser leavin you - -

8 insect ark lift off long arms geweih ritual documents

8 fuzz orchestra la proprietà morire per la patria cheap satanism

8 keiki headless girl (remix by edh) - cheap satanism

8 madeincanada the water cure v/a: buildings/madeincanada split 7" the exit music recording company

8 germanotta youth terminator main theme demo cheap satanism

9 swilson bad guitar cool skulls hi-sciences

9 vitas guerulaïtis ne me quitte pas - cheap satanism

9 poil tronche à cul dins o cuol gnougn

9 joy as a toy robots dead as a dodo cheap satanism

9 xania paper eyes xania autoproduction

9 vitas guerulaïtis os de source - cheap satanism

9 meat mist world ov shit smut xo press

9 bleached ride your heart ride your heart dead oceans

Artiste: bleached
Album: ride your heart
Label: dead oceans

Artiste: meat mist
Album: smut
Label: xo press


Vincent Faidherbe alias Vincent Satan - Carte blanche à Cheap satanism

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