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  EMISSION DU 26/05/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 my bloody valentine in another way m b v autoproduction

2 golden grrrls paul simon we´ve got... night school

3 mr. biscuits my plums are ripe mr. biscuits autoproduction

4 marylin rambo fluo flou izizolaop autoproduction

5 no joy e wait to pleasure mexican summer

5 eric in the kitchen insomnia from thermopolis to shoshoni godhatesgod

6 wavves mystic afraid of heights mom & pop

6 organic disturbing street under your carbon constellation complete control productions

6 jucifer prime nadir nomadic fortress

6 white hills you dream you see frying on this rock thrill jockey

8 civil civic run ovedrive rules remote control

8 marvin un chien en hiver barry africantape

8 biscuit mouth lonnie shawl captain gregs, wrapped in legs autoproduction

8 marylin rambo la campgane c´est pas l´bagne izizolaop autoproduction

8 mr. biscuits new song mr. biscuits autoproduction

8 mujeres soft gems part 1 soft gems 62tv

8 white denim anvil everything d downtown

8 jacco gardner clear the air cabinet of curiosities trouble in mind

8 j.c. satàn legion faraway land slovenly

8 concrete knives wall paper be your own king bella union

9 diiv doused oshin captured tracks

9 brns here dead he lies wounded naïve

9 maybeshewill take this to heart i was here for a moment, then i was gone function

9 and so i watch you from afar things amazing all hail bright futures sargent house

9 thee oh sees toe cutter - thumb buster floating coffin castle face

9 two gallants halycon days the bloom and the blight ato

9 john makay la papaye mon amour mi amor ikoz

9 marylin rambo sinoc youth izizolaop autoproduction

10 mr. biscuits bearpoof mr. biscuits autoproduction

Artiste: marylin rambo
Album: izizolaop
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: mr. biscuits
Album: mr. biscuits
Label: autoproduction

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