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  EMISSION DU 09/04/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 carousals faces carousals autoproduction

2 shit girlfriend mummy´s boy mummy´s boy pnkslm

3 feature fresh pillow banishing ritual upset the rhythm

4 dreamdecay iron lung

5 wires usinage crash autoproduction

5 bitumen winter swimmer v/a: no sister / bitumen split cassette vacant valley

6 dead waves magiic pot the great clock autoproduction

6 psyence midnight moonlight a new dawn - demo tapes autoproduction

7 psyence cold blooded killer a new dawn blak hand

8 psyence the bad seed a new dawn blak hand

8 complex party constant separation anxiety autoproduction

8 central massif broken/missing love confusing brainstorming

8 von stroheim in her loneliness sing for blood navalorama

8 jambinai they keep silence a hermitage bella union

8 dreamdecay no answer iron lung

9 feature schedules align banishing ritual upset the rhythm

9 cocaine piss sex weirdos the dancer hypertension

10 brutus horde ii burst hassle

10 kapitan korsakov strobo stripper physical violence is the least of my priorities kkk

11 onmens motherly bruised misdracht sideburn

11 emma ruth rundle protection marked for death sargent house

11 buildings smell the pool you are not one of us antena krzyku

13 priests leave me alone tape two sister polygon

13 smäris telephone smäris autoproduction

13 mannequin pussy pledge romantic tiny engines

13 king fu time ill spent time ill spent autoproduction

13 dreamdecay joy iron lung

13 feature gatekeeper banishing ritual upset the rhythm

Artiste: dreamdecay
Album: yù
Label: iron lung

Artiste: feature
Album: banishing ritual
Label: upset the rhythm


Artiste: psyence
Album: a new dawn - demo tapes
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): midnight moonlight

Artiste: psyence
Album: a new dawn
Label: blak hand
Track(s): cold blooded killer / the bad seed


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