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  EMISSION DU 30/12/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tropical trash your place in the chain southern indiana drone footage national waste products

2 drool cinnamon drool ii born yesterday

3 huffduff i don´t wanna dance anymore hf/df meta matter

4 vv & the void god machine the upper room cleopatra

5 fine cult alone alone autoproduction

5 93millionmilesfromthesun now i know echo delay fuzz reverb white light

6 membrane childhood innocence burn your bridges autoproduction

7 le singe blanc sekpah arrebato whosbrain

8 typical hunks rust rust/window bear bites horse

8 big joanie down down sistahs the daydream library series

9 blue ray old man balls ogfil super wimpy punch

10 boar god wreckonning forma cuchabata

11 milk tv here they come (demo tape) autoproduction

12 huffduff i know the answer hf/df meta matter

13 vv & the void lash the upper room cleopatra

13 money mark pretty pain mark´s keyboard repair grand royal

13 bis kandy pop this is teen-c power grand royal

13 the josephine wiggs experience arizona bon bon lifestyle grand royal

13 buffalo daughter cold summer captain vapour athletes grand royal

14 butter 08 butterfucker butter 08 grand royal

14 sean lennon home into the sun grand royal

16 ec8or we are pissed all of us can be rich grand royal

17 russell simins cookies and cream public places grand royal

18 bs 2000 sick for a reason simply mortified grand royal

19 scapegoat wax party of one okeeblow grand royal

19 le singe blanc shkrn arrebato whosbrain

19 huffduff style & class hf/df meta matter

19 nullset better days nullset grand royal

20 vv & the void the seeker the upper room cleopatra

Artiste: vv & the void
Album: the upper room
Label: cleopatra

Artiste: huffduff
Album: hf/df
Label: meta matter

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