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  EMISSION DU 06/01/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sauna youth no personal space deaths upset the rhythm

2 idles danny nedelko joy as an act of resistance partisan

3 stickers ms. rogers joy reefers

4 facs primary negative houses trouble in mind

5 futur.s mort.s futur mort (toi aussi) ii et mon cul c´est du tofu?

5 pigeon gaping pigeon antena krzyku

6 bunuel dial tone the easy way out goodfellas

7 throat no hard shoulder bareback svart

8 magic shoppe these boots are made for dying in parallel cardinal fuzz

8 ceremony closer east coast autoproduction

9 marriage + cancer god is tan marriage + cancer self sabotage

10 melt downer quest alter the stunt numavi

11 pill softer side soft hell mexican summer

12 lonely parade night cruise the pits buzz

13 daughters the reason they hate me you won´t get what you want ipecac

13 tile swing away come on home, stranger limited appeal

13 psychic lemon exit to the death lane frequency rhythm distortion delay tonzonen

13 not of the 2016 idiot blues (the don lands in it) hypocritic oath no list

13 dewaere the vase slot logic bigoût

14 church of goya drag goya is a dead man razored raw

14 undone the strong song everything is new under the sun meeting tent

16 firefriend surface to air yellow spider little cloud

17 lost talk shoe shine symbol/signal spooky

18 liines shallow stop - start reckless yes

19 huffduff i don´t wanna dance anymore hf/df meta matter

19 bambara josé tries to leave shadow on everything wharf cat

19 exhalants false (st)art exhalants self sabotage

19 asbest they kill driven a tree in a field

20 the lovely eggs repeat it this is eggland egg

20 qujaku kagamie qujaku so i buried
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