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  EMISSION DU 20/01/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gauche conspiracy theories conspiracy theories merge

2 drinking boys and girls choir keep drinking !! keep drinking damnably

3 drool sky drool ii born yesterday

4 author of the accident can´t get away never know autoproduction

5 thalia zedek band fighting season fighting season thrill jockey

5 facs in time lifelike trouble in mind

6 close reading payday dull sense of self autoproduction

7 modern technology project fear modern technology cruel nature

8 batpiss a veteran of non sense a veteran of non sense poison city

8 maria somerville brighter days the man called stone in my shoe autoproduction

9 maria somerville eyes don´t say it all my people autoproduction

10 maria somerville all my people all my people autoproduction

11 hexdebt covenant covenant poison city

11 mess charming demo autoproduction

12 drool terminal drool ii born yesterday

12 author of the accident body aches never know autoproduction

12 adam stone & dead sea apes doing what you want (all of the time) warheads cardinal fuzz

12 product kf today product kf autoproduction

12 king champion sounds big red button for a lark excelsior

13 the messthetics mythomania the messthetics dischord

13 paddy steer skin spinning bifurcation arrows misleading visual paraventricular nucleus

14 société générale des nouvelles de pélaguie au revoir s.k.

15 anguish cyclical/physical anguish rarenoise

17 tomaga breakfast at volcano v/a: scheißen 5 - tomaga/nail tolliday split emotional response

18 warm drag lost time warm drag in the red

18 crack cloud drab measure crack cloud meat machine

18 drool pothos drool ii born yesterday

18 author of the accident young days, old nights never know autoproduction

Artiste: author of the accident
Album: never know
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: drool
Album: drool ii
Label: born yesterday


Artiste: maria somerville
Album: all my people
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): eyes don´t say it / all my people

Artiste: maria somerville
Album: the man called stone in my shoe
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): brighter days

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