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  EMISSION DU 13/01/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fig court nerve gas the gross chills autoproduction

2 tot terror untergang ogorecords

3 tropical trash glass dog southern indiana drone footage national waste products

4 peuk skin it peuk fons

5 sooner notes from the underground stranger autoproduction

5 flowers sunrise flowers luik

6 squalor fan joke squalor fan autoproduction

7 youff neon scent et cetera kinky star

8 exhalants cowards v/a: pinko / exhalants split self sabotage

8 stereocilia aftermath v/a: stereocilia /+/ ate (split) echoic memory

9 them teeth lummox succumb to life triple eye industries

10 david boring victims victims sweaty & cramped

11 beige palace ketchup dirt leg buzzhowl

11 pc worship future phase future phase northern spy

12 peuk drunk´n caravan peuk fons

12 tropical trash southern indiana drone footage southern indiana drone footage national waste products

12 jessica93 karmic debt "en public" - (live) in rennes autoproduction

12 esben and the witch dull gret nowhere season of mist

12 von stroheim even fallen in love even fallen in love uproar for veneration

13 lorelle meets the obsolete unificado de facto sonic cathedral

13 isaac aliocha evasions manquées poutrage

14 tropical trash leather charm southern indiana drone footage national waste products

15 peuk dieduwa peuk fons

Artiste: peuk
Album: peuk
Label: fons

Artiste: tropical trash
Album: southern indiana drone footage
Label: national waste products

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