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  EMISSION DU 24/03/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 stresses consolidated debt signal chain autoproduction

2 mardou occult crimes bitter energy wasted tapes

3 leggy antwerp let me know your moon sheer luck

4 von stroheim moth love? who gets love? uproar for veneration

5 firefriend love seems distorted avalanche cardinal fuzz

6 russian baths parasite parasite good eye

7 spectres choucoune asphyxiate repeat choucoune asphyxiate repeat cranes

8 young widows mid-western decayed: ten years of cities, wounds, lightness, and pain temporary residence limited

8 vandal x i do remember 9-14-17 blood on the street 9000

9 llollyanna goodbye roby tarot waltz autoproduction

10 llollyanna feed the floor tarot waltz autoproduction

11 llollyanna melty dearest tarot waltz autoproduction

12 grizzly power apartment next door demo 2019 autoproduction

13 amanda x vivid vivid end of days siltbreeze

14 leggy my room let me know your moon sheer luck

14 von stroheim spit love? who gets love? uproar for veneration

16 mirna ray teatr cieni mirna ray autoproduction

17 the glücks spit it out run amok monstrophonic

18 drenge bonfire of the city boys strange creature infectious music

19 night stages clockwatchers night stages autoproduction

19 pega butter ficus focus autoproduction

19 vision 3d j´ai froid vision 3d belly button

20 nots half painted house 3 goner

20 helium horse fly happiness hollowed dipole experiment

20 von stroheim blood institute love? who gets love? uproar for veneration

20 leggy burner let me know your moon sheer luck

Artiste: leggy
Album: let me know your moon
Label: sheer luck

Artiste: von stroheim
Album: love? who gets love?
Label: uproar for veneration


Artiste: llollyanna
Album: tarot waltz
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): goodbye roby / feed the floor / melty dearest

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