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  EMISSION DU 31/03/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 marbled eye primrose bath beat session vol. 8 shout

2 grim streaker today new york no vision local fun boy

3 poutre l.i.f.o. last in first out rejuvenation

4 the coathangers crimson telephone the devil you know suicide squeeze

5 gurr she says she says awal

6 rei clone pixie greetings from somewhere stay fuzzy

7 structure convo convo autoproduction

8 procedure slip away procedure autoproduction

8 the purkinje shift i rope steers threads chunklet industries

9 happy couple split in two split in two autoproduction

10 nikki fierce made for you man made woman autoproduction

11 big|brave sibling a gaze among them southern lord

11 we wild blood dark connections blood/money hominid sounds

12 ox dead set on life love autoproduction

13 poutre my mind last in first out rejuvenation

13 the coathangers step back the devil you know suicide squeeze

14 existence is a coincidence kiss the sun kiss the sun autoproduction

15 life moral fibre moral fibre afghan moon

17 le prince harry stares be your own enemy teenage menopause

18 hyperculte s.o.s.i. hyperculte les disques bongo joe

18 valerinne young demon desire autoproduction

19 the coathangers memories the devil you know suicide squeeze

19 poutre blind drivers last in first out rejuvenation

Artiste: poutre
Album: last in first out
Label: rejuvenation

Artiste: the coathangers
Album: the devil you know
Label: suicide squeeze

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