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  EMISSION DU 28/04/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 scrap brain crybaby a journey into madness drunken sailor

2 adventures of salvador retroman retroman german sheperd

3 usa nails creative industries life cinema bigoût

4 rei clone pixie greetings from somewhere autoproduction

5 blushing dream merchants dream merchants autoproduction

6 blankenberge islands more gotape

7 bruges the drifted way an erasure of form autoproduction

8 krause the rough beast of unpleasantness the ecstasy of infinite sterility riot season

8 pink room chinchillay zum kotzen belly button

9 gomme es ist zeit absent healing et mon cul c´est du tofu?

10 esya nothing absurdity of atcg (i) autoproduction

11 tijuana taxi sagittarius a* paracusis autoproduction

12 scorn of a superhero clock off scorn of a superhero autoproduction

13 drache sister mister skeet shooting katatak

14 usa nails you wish life cinema bigoût

14 rei clone (do you know) i still think about you greetings from somewhere autoproduction

16 submotile amped and faded ghosts fade on skylights motilerev

17 michinori toyota along the national road psychedelic lovely last night headz

18 the cosmics eyes eyes autoproduction

19 annabel lee black pudding black pudding luik

19 mdme spkr the rotter humanoid pomponette

20 el yunque cinder boxes stabwaf

20 jesus is my son tout a une fin (même l´amour) tout a une fin (même l´amour) cheap satanism

21 sly & the family drone votive offerings gentle persuaders love love

21 omen my baby prol outer reaches

21 you freud, me jane shafataya the art of being undressed atypeek music

21 usa nails work drinks life cinema bigoût

21 rei clone lavender greetings from somewhere autoproduction

21 vert:x clus death to false motorik autoproduction

Artiste: rei clone
Album: greetings from somewhere
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: usa nails
Album: life cinema
Label: bigoût

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