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  EMISSION DU 05/05/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 deliluh freecoader feast oath of intent tin angel

2 guru fixation fixation shady shere khan

3 drahla gilded cloud useless coordinates captured tracks

4 terminal cheesecake wipey´s revenge le sacre du lièvre box

5 large print suzy end scenery heavy meadow

6 sundae cotton candy sundae autoproduction

7 beatcomber noise controlled creature comforts autoproduction

8 all caps gymnopilus all´s well that ends well black basset

8 exhalants sociopathetic ... trample the cross underfoot ... autoproduction

9 sunnbrella nu way wanted time autoproduction

10 sunnbrella flyby wanted time autoproduction

11 sunnbrella nick hornby wanted time autoproduction

12 fossil arm blank slate mn autoproduction

13 terra soror lover nature revenge autoproduction

14 drahla unwound useless coordinates captured tracks

14 terminal cheesecake saddle shower le sacre du lièvre box

16 the infinite three the eye ascension zone actual size

17 cocaine piss pretty pissed passionate and tragic hypertension

18 benzin müllpresse benzin - demo billo

19 bengal i can´t face a autoproduction

19 hot sauce pony ho hot sauce pony brixton hillbilly

20 hey colossus memory gore four bibles alter

20 pamplemousse hot fudge monday high strung a tant rêver du roi

21 super thing jimbo´s world no rest autoproduction

21 look sacré mal nécessaire pour un mal nécessaire salade-secte chuchabata

21 terminal cheesecake the humming assassin ii le sacre du lièvre box

21 drahla invisible sex useless coordinates captured tracks

23 pamplemousse hot fudge monday high strung a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: terminal cheesecake
Album: le sacre du lièvre
Label: box

Artiste: drahla
Album: useless coordinates
Label: captured tracks


Artiste: sunnbrella
Album: wanted time
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): nu way / flyby / nick hornby

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