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  EMISSION DU 12/05/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the blue candies lemonade money i think i´m evil autoproduction

2 dumb beef hits club nites mint

3 hash redactor smx20 drecksound goner

4 big|brave muted shifting of space a gaze among them southern lord

5 dead arms kitty´s lament simply dead hominid sounds

6 idles mercedes marxist mercedes marxist partisan

7 teleraña make things easy a way to see autoproduction

8 riel paseo psicodelico espacio interior casa del puente discos

8 discounts schnellboy good morning autoproduction

9 noughts bleach bleach weird place

10 dehd lake water fire talk

11 echos ohs fool wild weeds 1:12

11 hash redactor down the tubes drecksound goner

12 big|brave holding pattern a gaze among them southern lord

13 black tusk enemy of reason tend no wounds relapse

13 khost 14 daggers copper lock hell cold spring

14 pensées nocturnes eros grotesque les acteurs de l´ombre

15 the last call call the army (i´m alive) anti-pasti rondelet music & records

17 usa nails a sense of self will always limit you life cinema bigoût

18 the lords of altamont come on... to hell with the lords of altamont sympathy for the record industry

18 my disco forever environment downwards

19 dewaere budapest slot logic bigoût

19 rat the magnificent in the middle the boy as pleasure ttwd

20 enablers bill, in consideration zones exile on mainstream

20 charles hayward ambiguous trash anonymous bash samarbeta

20 adolescents amoeba adolescents frontier

20 hash redactor bad advice drecksound goner

20 big|brave body individual a gaze among them southern lord

Artiste: hash redactor
Album: drecksound
Label: goner

Artiste: big|brave
Album: a gaze among them
Label: southern lord

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