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  EMISSION DU 09/06/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 parallel get away parallel floating skull

2 measles mumps rubella get your mind right get down while ya meltdown autoproduction

3 krause romance, adventure and a date with destiny the ecstasy of infinite sterility riot season

4 patio split essentials fire talk

5 land of ooo driving alone wry cry numavi

6 aloe ghost aloe autoproduction

7 constant mongrel experts in skin experts in skin upset the rhythm

8 simulators pastimes simulators ep forbidden place

8 taiwan housing project toxic garbage people sub-language trustees ever/never

9 current affairs buckle up buckle up ...

10 current affairs breeding feeling breeding feeling not unloved

11 current affairs cheap cuts cheep cuts autoproduction

12 terrible lovers in the ground ii autoproduction

13 marbled eye curtain beat session vol. 8 shout

14 krause resenter the ecstasy of infinite sterility riot season

14 patio vile bones essentials fire talk

16 juju master and servant maps and territory fuzz club

17 alber jupiter martine à la plage we are are just floating in space araki

18 noseholes glimmering mamba ant and end chuchu

19 shithatt valintin´s day massacre +2 songs autoproduction

19 vhs from space from glory to rust xenon equinox autoproduction

20 thisquietarmy & tom malmendier a dos de cheval toute la nuit steppe norwegianism

20 minami deutsch can´t get there can´t get there höga nord

21 daortia magenta particules particules (selected pieces about the abstraction of the mind and uncertainty) autoproduction

21 krause paingod the ecstasy of infinite sterility riot season

22 patio legacy continued essentials fire talk

Artiste: patio
Album: essentials
Label: fire talk

Artiste: krause
Album: the ecstasy of infinite sterility
Label: riot season


Artiste: current affairs
Album: buckle up
Label: ...
Track(s): buckle up

Artiste: current affairs
Album: cheep cuts
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): cheap cuts

Artiste: current affairs
Album: breeding feeling
Label: not unloved
Track(s): breeding feeling

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