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  EMISSION DU 16/06/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ice baths auster decadent sprinter blank editions

2 falling stacks standing leg sarcastic clap ingue

3 franck racket lost and found screaming skull forbidden place

4 witching waves disintegration persistence specialist subject

5 seablite lollipop crush grass stains and novocaine emotional response

6 deconstructed company darlene darlene/guilty autoproduction

7 afterglows scowl loathing nights dz

8 droids blood capable be free drunken sailor

8 machiavellian art neanderthal machiavellian art autoproduction

9 no negative hindrance of grace the last offices drunken sailor

10 collider daisy -><- escho

11 collider glockster -><- escho

12 collider you´re always so fine (vaerelsesdemo) you´re always so fine (vaerelsesdemo) escho

13 moon pussy shoes at the station band meating autoproduction

14 molar courage straniero everything sucks music

14 witching waves best of me persistence specialist subject

16 franck racket artificial intelligence screaming skull forbidden place

17 alpha hopper mars aloa hopper radical empathy

18 enablers broke zones exile on mainstream

19 eye make the horizon fever dim sun drone rock

19 real farmer the pressure of others real farmer subroutine

20 le prince harry stares be your own enemy teenage menopause

20 cocaine piss eat the rich passionate and tragic hypertension

21 the kvb dayzed immaterial visions cititrax

21 triplesun compulsive compulsive autoproduction

22 girl band shoulderblades the talkies rough trade

22 franck racket self slavery screaming skull forbidden place

22 witching waves underachiever persistence specialist subject

Artiste: franck racket
Album: screaming skull
Label: forbidden place

Artiste: witching waves
Album: persistence
Label: specialist subject


Artiste: collider
Album: -><-
Label: escho
Track(s): daisy / glockster

Artiste: collider
Album: you´re always so fine (vaerelsesdemo)
Label: escho
Track(s): you´re always so fine (vaerelsesdemo)

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