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  EMISSION DU 23/06/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 brandy rent quest clown pain total punk

2 bite. throw yourself bite. autoproduction

3 taiwan housing project vessel creep sub-language trustees ever/never

4 bad breeding clear blue water exiled one little indian

5 oozer wet trees pp schlubcraft autoproduction

6 cindy doe in anticipation of another year to forget live without autoproduction

7 velveteen riot ophelia peaches autoproduction

8 limp disco chum life is long autoproduction

8 singapore sling suicide twist killer classics fuzz club

9 prayer group landlord college eudean buzzhowl

10 hex machine president gas cave painting underdrive

11 cherubs 18 the number immaculada high relapse

11 kaleidoscope after the futures after the futures la vida es un mus

12 horror my friend turned loose v/a: horror my friend / velvet elevator split music farmers

13 horror my friend rattled bones home life poison city

13 horror my friend life blood stay in, do nothing poison city

14 bad breeding breaking wheel exiled one little indian

15 taiwan housing project universal size sub-language trustees ever/never

17 radical kitten say shit (to your boss) contre nature han autoproduction

18 feels sour post earth wichita

18 the sly persuaders what the dead men say saboteurs roadkill

19 43 odes uttaa 43 odes elderdown

19 crystal canyon boomerang boomerang autoproduction

20 the liminanas shadow people shadow people because music

20 l´épée last picture show dreams a

21 the psychotic monks closure private meaning first vicious circle

21 oiseaux-tempête weird dancing in all night ii from somewhere invisible sub rosa

21 double grave sunlight ego death forever forged artifacts

22 rong milton friedman´s big dumb dream wormhatr autoproduction

22 taiwan housing project in a cartoon i can sing sub-language trustees ever/never

24 bad breeding tortured reality exiled one little indian

Artiste: taiwan housing project
Album: sub-language trustees
Label: ever/never

Artiste: bad breeding
Album: exiled
Label: one little indian


Artiste: horror my friend
Album: v/a: horror my friend / velvet elevator split
Label: music farmers
Track(s): turned loose

Artiste: horror my friend
Album: home life
Label: poison city
Track(s): rattled bones

Artiste: horror my friend
Album: stay in, do nothing
Label: poison city
Track(s): life blood

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