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  EMISSION DU 01/09/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the paranoyds face first carnage bargain suicide squeeze

2 dumspell wilt dumspell erste theke tontraeger

3 lost talk nervous highways tenterhooks spooky

4 firefriend alone in the dark avalanche cardinal fuzz

5 weeping icon like envy weeping icon fire talk

6 russian baths tracks tracks good eye

7 marbh shame shame autoproduction

8 die! die! die! break the mirror o peter king lathe cut

8 gloop your heart claps for me smiling lines buzzhowl

9 brilliant feast other side pageant fatigue future fictions

10 phantasia lullaby lullaby autoproduction

11 lavender blush teardrop join our cult of beautiful noise blue aurora audio

12 stellarium punkchet untitled independent release

13 fox medicine chester milktoast procédures mystiques autoproduction

14 lost talk igloo tenterhooks spooky

14 firefriend electric moon revisited avalanche cardinal fuzz

16 percolator freshin freshin autoproduction

17 drahla serenity useless coordinates captured tracks

18 hearts and rockets beat it creep! power psychic hysteria

19 open head inaudible demo autoproduction

19 fly pan am distance dealer c´est ça constellation

20 comet gain mid 8ts fireraisers forever! tapete

20 pip blom daddy issues boat heavenly

21 baby fire tiger heart gold off

22 silver machine lovebug lovebug autoproduction

22 womb worm new body it wriggles inside autoproduction

22 spray paint clean your gun into the country 12xu

23 lost talk enter the muskrat tenterhooks spooky

23 firefriend avalanche avalanche cardinal fuzz

Artiste: firefriend
Album: avalanche
Label: cardinal fuzz

Artiste: lost talk
Album: tenterhooks
Label: spooky

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