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  EMISSION DU 08/09/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 warm red big tiger big tiger chunklet industries

2 lviv young libs lviv roolette

3 cat scan fax in nature volar

4 ceremony rise candy candy booking

5 singapore sling all the way in killer classics fuzz club

6 l´épée ghost rider diabolique a

7 speed was a factor glass target demo autoproduction

8 slump throbbing reverberation flashbacks from blackdust country feel it

8 palm squirrel kevin the mouth is a terrible thing to taste baby satan

9 death instinct secret gardens the offerings play alone

10 death instinct nightlands the offerings play alone

11 death instinct the eye the offerings play alone

12 kills birds worthy girl kill birds kro

13 pink room cokehead zum kotzen belly button

14 cat scan it follows in nature volar

14 ceremony just one more kiss candy candy booking

16 coffins the other side of blasphemy the other side of blasphemy 20 buck spin

17 brucexcampbell grind your face off hail to the king autoproduction

18 tomb mold abysswalker manor of infinites forms 20 buck spin

19 chelsea right to work right to work step-forward

19 bonnacons of doom rhizome bonnacons of doom rocket

20 rainbow grave sex threat sex threat god unknown

20 bad breeding brave new church exiled one little indian

21 my diligence resentful sun rose mottow soundz

22 child abuse pre-emptive priapism v/a: miracle of birth/child abuse split lovepump united

23 cat scan respond in nature volar

23 ceremony in love candy candy booking

Artiste: ceremony
Album: candy
Label: candy booking

Artiste: cat scan
Album: in nature
Label: volar


Artiste: death instinct
Album: the offerings
Label: play alone
Track(s): secret gardens / nightlands / the eye

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