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  EMISSION DU 09/02/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 this is nowhere void rejects grim pop doom pop

2 blooming season harmony living feeling autoproduction

3 duckis snails lick it up rip

4 vacant gardens waves on waves under the bloom tall texan

5 gold cage repeater kember social crutch felte

6 robot death kites princess hot topics live laugh love

7 pulsr cross eyed the three autoproduction

8 lice conveyor conveyor settled law

9 nossiennes vivere vivere shore dive

10 margaret´s house road work for you autoproduction

11 melenas 3 segundos dias raros trouble in mind

12 nearly dead fournier´s warmed up and left over autoproduction

13 the cowboy from the grave wifi on the prairie feel it

14 napalm death white cross logic ravaged by brute force century media

15 sister wives wandering along / rwy´n crwydro gweler ein gofid autoproduction

16 vacant gardens sunlight on dry grass under the bloom tall texan

17 dummy angel´s gear dummy ep pop wig

18 double date with death copier-coller l´au-delà howlin´ banana

19 plebs boring yuppie lifestyle v/a: plebs/testa di cazzo (split) autoproduction

20 crowd of chairs hollow thoughts of wrong mod kid with dog sentimental

21 head on robert christgau robert christgau//greil marcus autoproduction

22 midwife anyone can play guitar forever the flenser

23 alienbaby collective degenerate moon fishbowl & terrestrial humm

23 italia 90 an episode italia 90 iii permanent creeps

24 brandy madball gift of repetition total punk

25 casual nun amulet resort for dead desires hominid sounds

25 the early mornings artificial flavour artificial flavour safe suburban home

26 tetchy quitter hounds autoproduction

26 vacant gardens eucalyptus under the bloom tall texan

Artiste: vacant gardens
Album: under the bloom
Label: tall texan

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