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  EMISSION DU 16/02/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pinch librarian draw truth demos autoproduction

2 alex lahey sucker for punishment sucker for punishment dead oceans

3 sooma alive it´s all about to change radicalis

4 altar guardian angel [by your side] spiritual journey autoproduction

5 lorelle meets the obsolete fosas limitadas re-facto ep sonic cathedral

6 alienbaby collective fruit / i don´t recall waking up fruit / i don´t recall waking up humm

7 keepers no rings i ep autoproduction

8 raspberry bulbs ultra vires before the age of mirrors relapse

9 public body presenteeism presenteeism autoproduction

10 primo! best and fairest sogni upset the rhythm

11 coriky clean kill coriky dischord

11 poise alone poise ep autoproduction

12 primitive teeth bubble of me primitive teeth dirt cult

13 meat sweats the wrath of antonio pontius the wrath of antonio pontius / abnormal behavioral tendencies mute city cinema

13 sooma break it it´s all about to change radicalis

14 altar angel of attack spiritual journey autoproduction

15 adama now ganga autoproduction

17 new aura seven star summit no sky in the tropics autoproduction

18 johnny and the rotten i wake up down the rabbit hole burger

19 flat worms market forces antartica drag city

20 sex swing valentine´s day at the gym type ii rocket

21 ray gun scanners jonesy autoproduction

22 lonker see gdynia 80 hamza antena krzyku

22 es chemical less of everything upset the rhythm

23 pays p. ohçam´a fée du b1 pays p. gravity music

24 the band whose name is symbol from dusseldorf to cologne berserkir volume i cardinal fuzz

24 sunset images centro de la ciudad centro de la ciudad gravy

25 sooma blue light it´s all about to change radicalis

25 altar heavier than heaven spiritual journey autoproduction

Artiste: altar
Album: spiritual journey
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: sooma
Album: it´s all about to change
Label: radicalis

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