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  EMISSION DU 01/03/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 virvon varvon allergies mind cancer girlsville

2 here come the philistines m mpa3b autoproduction

3 lié all night long you want it real mint

4 at bona fide a2 greatest hits psychedelic umami

5 peel dream magazine emotional devotion creator agitprop alterna slumberland

6 juniper bush foresight healing through a sonic figure transistor 66

7 the hand of gavrilo d.l. static fresh pots!

8 maximum roach foresite dry rot kill 2 birds

9 weak signal rolex v/a: endless boogie / weak signal split wharf cat

10 throwing muses dark blue sun racket fire

11 powerplant true love people in the sun dreamland syndicate

12 powerplant dungen people in the sun dreamland syndicate

13 powerplant in white people in the sun dreamland syndicate

14 sorry snakes 925 domino

15 parachute for gordo a dingo ate my discos best understood by children and animals beth shalom

16 at bona fide a3 greatest hits psychedelic umami

17 lié good boy you want it real mint

18 thick mansplain 5 years behind epitaph

19 the guru guru chramer point fingers luik

20 oiseaux-tempête jettatura tlamess (sortilège) o.s.t. sub rosa

21 fake indians last stop pc bethania the pest fons

22 metz call of the wighat v/a: realy bad music for really bad people : the cramps as heard through the meat grinder of three one g three one g

23 katadreuffe a wild guess to stop and stare and start again narrominded

23 swallow the rat bird of ill leaving room shifting sounds

24 empty i don´t know three autoproduction

25 steve palmer statesboro day useful stories sunrise ocean bender

25 at bona fide a7 greatest hits psychedelic umami

26 lié lsd you want it real mint

Artiste: lié
Album: you want it real
Label: mint

Artiste: at bona fide
Album: greatest hits
Label: psychedelic umami


Artiste: powerplant
Album: people in the sun
Label: dreamland syndicate
Track(s): true love / dungen / in white

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