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  EMISSION DU 23/02/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ex-diel brutto demo #2 autoproduction

2 night pain log letters night pain autoproduction

3 stuck bells change is bad born yesterday

4 crowd of chairs everyone mod kid with dog sentimental

5 hits stand in your way sediment seen paisley shirt

6 cigarettes for breakfast daylight cigarettes for breakfast autoproduction

7 the great divides face the world face the world, again spoilsport

8 whelpwisher voidreader new brilliant polygons autoproduction

9 muscle vest the commuter human resources idle

10 doppler radar and the local news back door investigate drudgy

11 public practice compromised gentle grip wharf cat

11 annabel lee see you naked let the kid go luik

12 la bise night swim so long autoproduction

13 polevaulter international break international break autoproduction

13 human pet itch/scratch itch/scratch autoproduction

14 baby fire i´ll take the sun searching for grace off

15 e sunrise complications silver rocket

17 crowd of chairs faceless mod kid with dog sentimental

18 this is wreckage wolfhead i don´t live, i exist forbidden place

19 seablite skeleton couch high-rise mannequins emotional response

20 chastity belt process v/a: chastity belt / loose tooth split hardly art

21 massicot cuska kratt les disques bongo joe

22 mono dots speed awareness oh no...hello! autoproduction

22 grandmas house devil´s advocate devil´s advocate autoproduction

23 tan cologne monsoon cave vaults on the moon in new mexico labrador

24 wednesday coyote i was trying to describe you to someone orindal

24 scheintot virtue scheintot autoproduction

25 lumer another day at the zoo another day at the zoo autoproduction

25 black sand love come save me elevation autoproduction

27 crowd of chairs at the door at dawn mod kid with dog sentimental

Artiste: crowd of chairs
Album: mod kid with dog
Label: sentimental

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