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  EMISSION DU 15/03/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 heart beach elastic elastic autoproduction

2 big scout flung flung b/w everything must go provincial yaw

3 concrete lawn aggregate aggregate urge

4 depression breakfast lofty thots just because i´m a womxn to-go

5 long slow dissolve into darkness lakeside drive autoproduction

6 deradoorian saturnine night find the sun anti-

7 jupiter coconut cyclone touchdown demo autoproduction

8 la chasse meretrix sidera cheap satanism

9 buzzy she wolf she wolf autoproduction

10 nervousmen aversion other favourites get party

11 sitting duck ace coward on ice autoproduction

11 protomartyr processed by the boys ultimate success today domino

12 long slow dissolve early warning system lakeside drive autoproduction

13 depression breakfast professional just because i´m a womxn to-go

13 real life goblin skibb real life goblin autoproduction

14 submeet bgy terminal lady sometimes

15 the cool greenhouse the sticks the cool greenhouse melodic

17 sei still el camino sei still fuzz club

18 party dozen party dozen pray for party dozen autoproduction

19 all caps clothilde s.u.v. brothers black basset

20 unspkble false icon friction rejuvenation

21 junk drawer temporary day ready for the house art for blind

22 twin sister drab twin sister god unknown

23 gary, indiana berlin berlin autoproduction

24 long slow dissolve fight a stranger for food lakeside drive autoproduction

25 depression breakfast lose it (art boy ii) just because i´m a womxn to-go

Artiste: long slow dissolve
Album: lakeside drive
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: depression breakfast
Album: just because i´m a womxn
Label: to-go

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