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  EMISSION DU 22/03/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 babyshoes kamikaze (single version) kamikaze autoproduction

2 control top one good day one good day get better

3 dragon turtle shoes soft opening reefers

4 annabel lee astronaut let the kid go luik

5 geranium where the light goes geranium ep forged artifacts

6 lily konigsberg i said it´s just like all clouds wharf cat

7 panico panico primitive vs positive depression quest jarane

8 seaxes all the advantages seaxes autoproduction

9 dirt eater lies, avoidance denial and manipulation storm king mountain autoproduction

10 fragile meadows mission field notes autoproduction

11 alienbaby collective dread fishbowl & terrestrial humm

12 the klittens bleeding gums bleeding gums permanent creeps

13 dragon sky jam soft opening reefers

14 annabel lee the way i look at you let the kid go luik

15 don´t grey a ligthning slow dreamy life

16 hoaries degladiator v/a: hoaries / beige eagle boys split reptilian

17 we wild blood you do not exist vicious virtues hot fools

18 liiek ruined liiek adagio 830

19 glia stars down to earth 10,000 plateaus autoproduction

20 the handshakes flowers freesia autoproduction

21 toner dark ecstasy silk road smoking room

22 modern rituals the bull never wins this is the story holy roar

23 es hidden track less of everything upset the rhythm

24 gary, indiana pashto pashto autoproduction

25 dragon dog soft opening reefers

26 annabel lee you never came let the kid go luik

Artiste: annabel lee
Album: let the kid go
Label: luik

Artiste: dragon
Album: soft opening
Label: reefers

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