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  EMISSION DU 05/04/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the electric lazarus beautiful forever beautiful forever blak hand

2 public interest decency decency autoproduction

3 merisi we don´t wanna spires down autoproduction

4 the k. shit day amputate corporate art jaune orange

5 scratch gun club march 2020 autoproduction

6 candy kane under the sun clinophobia autoproduction

7 cvcc shux deluxe no counts autoproduction

8 new primals wax poets horse girl energy learning curve

9 your grandad charges momentum glue gun

10 the lovely eggs bear pit i am moron egg

11 soft plastics i love my life soft plastics autoproduction

11 jetstream pony it´s fine jetstream pony shelflife

12 gnomewalls close the gates fractal smog autoproduction

13 tv face o death is coming like dominoes e.p. autoproduction

13 merisi night swim spires down autoproduction

14 the k. the rougher aspects of love amputate corporate art jaune orange

15 titanic sea moon zakochana autostrada mother of all valentines autoproduction

17 earthset cap. vi - la fuga l´uomo meccanico koe

18 thurston moore sunday stage sunday stage autoproduction

19 lost boy ? feel like shit (all the time) feel like shit (all the time) comic vein

20 gr^ve safe (radio edit) safe / resign your fate gr^ve industries

21 womb used to be under the lights arcade

22 tuscoma something is never enough discourse antena krzyku

23 the violent thing trash down its over for me autoproduction

24 tire toi tigre pineapple valley tire toi tigre autoproduction

25 crisman pawn crisman topshelf

26 peel dream magazine eyeballs agitprop alterna slumberland

27 merisi sleeping world spires down autoproduction

28 the k. (un)fortunate youth amputate corporate art jaune orange

28 swallow the rat hey yeah leaving room shifting sounds

Artiste: merisi
Album: spires down
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: the k.
Album: amputate corporate art
Label: jaune orange

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