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  EMISSION DU 12/04/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 datenight way back is this also it drope medium

2 spam risk destroy madness spam risk autoproduction

3 flat worms plastic casts antartica drag city

4 sei still blumenkriege sei still fuzz club

5 firefriend wolta aurora autoproduction

6 poster boy disarmament poster boy autoproduction

7 antix. song about nothing qu ep autoproduction

8 yard act the trapper´s pelts the trapper´s pelts zen f.c.

9 juniper bush follow my lead healing through a sonic figure transistor 66

10 otom 24 24 autoproduction

11 the disappearer attic window disappear autoproduction

11 steve pike acid test isolation station autoproduction

12 tanning bats carpet qua.ran.tan autoproduction

13 flat worms wet concrete antartica drag city

13 sei still emisión sei still fuzz club

14 league of sonic discovery pearls before swine tranquilizer autoproduction

15 scrunchies no home planet feral coast autoproduction

17 the imbeciles action/motion the imbeciles autoproduction

18 still/form hydrate still/form autoproduction

19 sorespot economy doors gifts of consciousness midnight werewolf

20 boyracer all day long all day long emotional response

21 vangas dog walker dog walker / waltz in e minor chunklet industries

22 belk belligerence/iwsy belk autoproduction

23 deathlist you won´t be here for long you won´t be here for long xray

24 plastic chairs storm surf sleep walking autoproduction

25 ceremony less than one less than one candy booking

26 flat worms terms of visitation antartica drag city

27 sei still ladrón sei still fuzz club

Artiste: flat worms
Album: antartica
Label: drag city

Artiste: sei still
Album: sei still
Label: fuzz club

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