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  EMISSION DU 10/05/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 full body you made me realise you made me realise autoproduction

2 fun time objects bug eyed c20/20 go-go! fuzzy warbles cassettes

3 rag shrink cave mentality autoproduction

4 obey cobra capita oblong autoproduction

5 the virgance battle damage flying v el vals del conejo

6 denholm whale choise april 2020 autoproduction

7 uk gold plastic epigram n°2 night treader emporium

8 suck city frustration fish autoproduction

9 sans aztec drips aztec drips breakfast

10 weak signal i´m a fire bianca autoproduction

11 boiling hell backseat noise fluff art of the uncarved block

11 territory slugs alone time (vox 2) alone time (vox 2) autoproduction

12 turnstiles i.d.c. i.d.c. blowtorch

13 crasher that same old thing traitor ep autoproduction

13 general men look so dumb gm - gm autoproduction

14 rag ketchup on the flower cave mentality autoproduction

15 obey cobra sophia can´t walk oblong autoproduction

17 vert:x i am brian eno vert:x v/s mark whitby autoproduction

18 tony dork tongue died tongue died autoproduction

19 the skins one man one man autoproduction

20 brainbombs cold chase cold case skrammel

21 for breakfast nardis songs in the key of o glasshouse

22 zrn whirl reverse magnitude autoproduction

23 p22 farrowing crate human snake post present medium

24 sniffany and the nits girl factory the greatest nits thrilling living

25 melenas 29 grados dias raros trouble in mind

26 ribbon stage favorite girl my favorite shrine k

27 sunken reticular in limbo autoproduction

28 ysidro iawuiac v/a: obroa-skai / ysidro split autoproduction

28 focus group new job v/a: stay inside - songs from the great indoors spunk

29 fontaines d.c. a hero´s death a hero´s death partisan

32 obey cobra dim beak oblong autoproduction

33 rag baguna leach cave mentality autoproduction

Artiste: obey cobra
Album: oblong
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: rag
Album: cave mentality
Label: autoproduction

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