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  EMISSION DU 03/05/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 repairs last chances last chances autoproduction

2 green/blue find a new world green/blue slovenly

3 goody gel capcon goody gel soap paint

4 radar men from the moon breeding the bestial light fuzz club

5 black wigger bad pet shop the perfect tan / bad pet shop kugikano grenseland

6 momma biohazard two of me danger collective

7 pip blom sell by date boat (deluxe) heavenly

8 galore lydia galore rocks in your head

9 arm suddenly sorry suddenly sorry b/w anti-hero thee generic label

10 metz acid acid / slow decay sub pop

11 trainer three times slower athletic statics fidel bastro

11 hayward versus harmergeddon helix hayward versus harmergeddon god unknown

12 ropoporose ignition of the lift dark star figures libres

13 mt. mountain tassels tassels six tonnes de chair

13 bushpilot big quaalude thunder nothing already! god unknown

14 ex-stains double negative ex-stains ep autoproduction

15 goody gel bad new first goody gel soap paint

17 radar men from the moon the bestial light the bestial light fuzz club

18 unicorn fart sugar unicorn fart sugar unicorn fart sugar richter scale

19 st. lucia t(h)rash lashed t(h)rash autoproduction

20 cherry pickles the girl who was afraid of gin the girl who was afraid of gin / uísque breath pnkslm

21 cursetheknife filter filter autoproduction

22 dummy slacker mask dummy ep pop wig

23 big heet tongue sound hiss living lost

24 egrets on ergot seditionation battle/choice/luxe plastic shaman sounds

25 sophia we see you (taking aim) holding on / letting go the flower shop

26 krautwerk konstanze neuling dirty filthy

27 loka and the moonshiners kiss me under the big trees autoproduction

28 radar men from the moon self the bestial light fuzz club

28 goody gel funny haha goody gel soap paint

Artiste: radar men from the moon
Album: the bestial light
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: goody gel
Album: goody gel
Label: soap paint

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