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  EMISSION DU 24/05/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bikini body hands off special v/a: charity compilation vol 1 artsy vice & chime studio

2 pork belly jinx jinx & chew autoproduction

3 the unfit no culture the unfit share it music

4 kooba tercu benzoberry proto tekno rocket

5 bollard ziggurat ziggurat autoproduction

6 deradoorian it was me find the sun anti-

7 bight on the river beneath me shallower than a sound autoproduction

8 moth 2021 machine nation marthouse

9 klämp an orb hate you god unknown

10 climatic suns (2) sorround el cochinero

11 sleepy afternoon dona dona dona dona zzz

12 nice breeze no more heroes abysm ep declared goods

13 audiobaton wonder wonder autoproduction

14 twisted ankle landlord laughs landlord laughs breakfast

15 idles mr. motivator mr. motivator partisan

16 the unfit picture the unfit share it music

17 kooba tercu cemento mori proto tekno rocket

18 fleur petit homme de papier petit homme de papier bickerton

19 parsnip treace toffee world adding up anti fade

20 dig nitty lomita reverse of mastery exploding in sound

21 panic shack jiu jits you jiu jits you brace yourself

22 we hate you please die support your local liars waiting room kids are lo-fi

23 fires of cheektowaga american thanksgiving american thanksgiving / lethargy autoproduction

24 seven hour days too high to say hi the hills of alexander autoproduction

25 bysts runes runes autoproduction

26 sailor poon the post penetration appreciation society sailor poon´s first album - an album by sailor poon autoproduction

27 clear channel hello disko hell autoproduction

28 memes cheer up cheer up fierce panda

29 brackwasser knipp in müll shieres entsetzen autoproduction

30 city rose 777 city rose ep third coming

31 the unfit progress the unfit share it music

32 kooba tercu boiler proto tekno rocket

Artiste: kooba tercu
Album: proto tekno
Label: rocket

Artiste: the unfit
Album: the unfit
Label: share it music

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