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  EMISSION DU 31/05/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lassie qt enhancer v/a: ex white / lassie split tape phantom

2 mt vengeance thugs machines sister raygun

3 sprong boys dove must not fly a dirty old album autoproduction

4 nac/hut report odwilz transmisja z przesilenia crunchy human children

5 waterville shadows shades and whispers shore dive

6 zemledelia strange strange days autoproduction

7 nrvs bad taste bad taste / the teeth i always wanted autoproduction

8 the eurosuite no design hot of depress autoproduction

9 modern technology semi-detached service provider cruel nature

10 the fisherman and his soul tutta la città v/a: join a comp! fadeawayradiate

11 land of talk diaphanous indistinct conversations dine alone

12 elder greenhouse effect greenhouse effect 4000

13 bad//dreems desert television desert television farmer & the owl

14 tv face happy delusions happy delusions autoproduction

15 sprong boys nasby pills cross & huges a dirty old album autoproduction

16 nac/hut report poglosy transmisja z przesilenia crunchy human children

17 shwuaen b.f.f.t.l.e.w.e. phoenicopteridae autoproduction

18 deathlist clothes you won´t be here for long xray

19 lucern raze trädgården (ft. shitkid) international breakdown pnkslm

20 johnny & the rotten ft. june clean hands v/a: quarantunes: songs from self-isolation #2 burger

21 austerity imperialism imperialism every man his own football

22 the waves my body my mind no structure autoproduction

23 nest egg dislocation dislocation little cloud

24 cosmic panthers street scum ball the wall german shepherd

25 2 lost souls rules rules german shepherd

26 telephone exchange braggarts ii braggarts ii el cochinero

27 linguini eat linguini eat linguini autoproduction

28 phenolhouse r.e. composition phenol+house autoproduction

29 sutphin talk with me talk with me autoproduction

30 mini skirt (untitled) v/a: born bad record shop 20 year anniversary! les disques mauvais garçon

31 sprong boys sprong in space a dirty old album autoproduction

32 nac/hut report krok w dól transmisja z przesilenia crunchy human children

Artiste: sprong boys
Album: a dirty old album
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: nac/hut report
Album: transmisja z przesilenia
Label: crunchy human children

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