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  EMISSION DU 07/06/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lavender witch not my sister awakening autoproduction

2 moar mr green black milk celebration day belly button

3 green/blue at a loss green/blue slovenly

4 bruges fading patterns a thread of light autoproduction

5 lice arbiter arbiter settled law

6 sloth cult under the velvet sky past lives and tomorrow autoproduction

7 the criminal world mox jet we spilled blood for the moneay cercle social

8 shallow waves stimulation v/a: audio spells volume 2 green witch

9 blood primitive priest why wait till ´55, we might not even be alive autoproduction

10 girls in synthesis this images agree the images agree/images dub harbinger sound

11 searing arrow redacted distress signals hands of love

12 eyesore & jinx nightlife the exile parlour ep eggy

13 fontanarosa in it fontanarosa howlin´ banana

14 cloud factory amnesia cloud factory #1 howlin´ banana

15 the stroppies roller cloud look alive! tough love

16 green/blue no place to go green/blue slovenly

17 bruges not here a thread of light autoproduction

18 rope no more chance? crimson youth sonatine produzioni

19 manager a hole a hole autoproduction

20 yoo doo right speed guru v/a: acid mothers temple/yoo doo right split mothland

21 trees speak soul sequencer ohms soul jazz

22 bad crush average joe bad crush autoproduction

23 knife massage knife massage knife massage belly button

24 no teeth 1930s graphic design menopause 1930s graphic design menopause blank expression

25 vangas sandstone everyday is the same / sandstone (single) chunklet industries

26 revolutionary cells here lies a promising old man narcotized fringe biology

27 la jungle a night in pangea v/a: la jungle / hyperculte split hyperjungle

28 the purkinje shift loser leaves town pink jackson b/w loser leaves town chunklet industries

29 sly & the family drone shrieking grief walk it dry love love

30 bruges layering a thread of light autoproduction

31 green/blue shards green/blue slovenly

Artiste: bruges
Album: a thread of light
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: green/blue
Album: green/blue
Label: slovenly

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