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  EMISSION DU 21/06/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dave the band fine! slob stories believe music

2 instant bin the easy way out maybe it´s nothing autoproduction

3 cnt evn wake tryna team glasses

4 blue crime i´m afraid we became one i´m afraid we became one meduse magiq

5 after daylight requiem for the dying world requiem for the dying world autoproduction

6 soft maiden´s water demo 2020 autoproduction

7 blacklisters sports drinks fantastic man a tant rêver du roi

8 heavy medical retirement meat problems autoproduction

9 twin dive say his name say his name autoproduction

10 new fries arendt / adler / pulley / pulley / pulley / pulley is the idea of us telephone explosion

11 relay tapes dream colour early morning abstract shore dive

12 september girls shut up shut up autoproduction

13 joe & the shitboys the reson for hardcore vibes 2 the reson for hardcore vibes 2 autoproduction

14 gaffer stuck demo cs helta skelta

15 plebs stop work surveillance

16 cnt evn all or nothing tryna team glasses

17 blue crime ufo i´m afraid we became one meduse magiq

18 palm haze walk away walk away autoproduction

19 termination gates of paradise termination wasted tapes

20 nadu the window determinator ii autoproduction

21 all hits blockhead men and their work iron lung

22 the writhing squares sonic control sonic control autoproduction

23 closet goth they live they live autoproduction

24 football f.c. prince andrew (demo) v/a: the bottle - frontline ep02 the bottle

25 idles grounds ultra mono partisan

26 occults garden celebration independent release

27 cnt evn petrified tryna team glasses

28 blue crime take death i´m afraid we became one meduse magiq

Artiste: blue crime
Album: i´m afraid we became one
Label: meduse magiq

Artiste: cnt evn
Album: tryna
Label: team glasses

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