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  EMISSION DU 28/06/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 golden helmet you can have the universe you can have the universe - ep autoproduction

2 penny auction slipstick power plug autoproduction

3 stuck invisible wall change is bad born yesterday

4 mooncult kiss me swallow me whole autoproduction

5 indigos i´m healed indigos club ac30

6 trillion soft move to you autoproduction

7 sprain worship house as lost through collision the flenser

8 the earnest spears liar liar autoproduction

9 if so why demagogue demagogue autoproduction

10 tv face orange carbuncle orange carbuncle autoproduction

11 harry the nightgown pill poppin therapist harry the nightgown wiggle world

11 galore cucaratcha galore rocks in your head

12 other half trance state big twenty venn

13 lassiters horse blinkered lassiters autoproduction

13 stuck era change is bad born yesterday

14 mooncult grips the air swallow me whole autoproduction

15 errorr smash hit unprofitable servant anomic

17 holy wave hell bastards interloper the reverberation appreciation society

18 egomasina padaras spastai autoproduction

19 sly hand big pharma big pharma autoproduction

20 ils don´t hurt me curse pogo

21 a shape black mamba iron pourpre atypeek music

22 ringo deathstarr once upon a freak ringo deathstarr club ac30

23 deradoorian corsican shores find the sun anti-

24 widowspeak money plum captured tracks

25 deco club end of the sun iiiiiiii autoproduction

26 black helium hippie on a slab the wholly other riot season

27 stuck wrong question change is bad born yesterday

28 mooncult only in dreams swallow me whole autoproduction

Artiste: mooncult
Album: swallow me whole
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: stuck
Album: change is bad
Label: born yesterday

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