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  EMISSION DU 05/07/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sprints the cheek the cheek nice swan

2 basic shapes credo clockwork organs weather vane

3 cool jerks the butchers apron england night versus day

4 nest egg eraser dislocation little cloud

5 taras bulba fishcat mother soul weaver riot season

6 landing seen v/a: landing / headroom split redscroll

7 agency long gone wid possession hellosquare

8 exhalants bang atonement hex

9 shifting pig from heaven it was good whosbrain

10 silverbacks up the nurses fad central tones

11 tough age repose which way am i? mint

11 no human harassed i beside no human harassed autoproduction

12 crackups getting the vibes greetings from earth mayway

13 milk bath charitable man milk bath world of hurt

13 cool jerks eh england night versus day

14 nest egg d.b. cooper dislocation little cloud

15 shoun shoun refresh & replay refresh & replay autoproduction

17 the pleasure dome this room for gold and there is no use for it this room for gold and there is no use for it autoproduction

18 shy-talk chauvinism chauvinism / didn´t they do well box

19 white canyon & the 5th dimension sensitive fate sensitive fate escarlate

20 magik markers three guitars isolated from exterior: 2020 drag city

21 cry night & day bummer weather vane

22 films never safe never safe mute city cinema

23 uk gold punk rock is nicht tot v/a: be gay, do crime! girlsville

24 c.c.´s feces the laundry song bi-polair belly button

25 los mundos sistemas sistemas autoproduction

26 seas, starry larsson dreams of germans larsson dreams of germans / hey koala make-that-a-take

27 nest egg helix dislocation little cloud

28 cool jerks creatures england night versus day

28 albinos congo space jam space jam incredible kids

Artiste: nest egg
Album: dislocation
Label: little cloud

Artiste: cool jerks
Album: england
Label: night versus day

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