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  EMISSION DU 19/07/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 play dead shaun shaun blitzcat

2 bat math system destroya 2 autoproduction

3 we wild blood eat your tail vicious virtues hot fools

4 rampressure spacewankers saftey from the herd sessions autoproduction

5 eye make the horizon rubbing off electric remains drone rock

6 strobobean boo v/a: boo/sway: strobobean/scrunchies split autoproduction

7 trvss in a sense new distances autoproduction

8 terrible lovers candidates themes from fur and teeth autoproduction

9 stonethrower hold your exes legacies make-that-a-take

10 dunebug impossible with you impossible with you autoproduction

11 chiens de faïence ice cream fail & foil howlin´ banana

12 holy motors country church horse wharf cat

13 desperate living debbie downer city sadness brutal panda

14 hamer exit bag a new state of imaginary hell darkroom presents

15 we wild blood low in my circle vicious virtues hot fools

16 rampressure catch the cannon ball saftey from the herd sessions autoproduction

17 tv face she gets old she gets old autoproduction

18 l.a. witch gen-z play with fire suicide squeeze

19 thibault drama or not thibault chapter music

20 l.a. fastlife beach party california dreaming autoproduction

21 funnyface no lips sweaty mouth autoproduction

22 elastikbande dracula in manchester very busy german shepherd

23 the parasite pimple pimple/my culture german shepherd

24 she keeps bees ft. tim carr star stone skin star stone skin future gods

25 bushpilot wild about nothing - blakk flag 23 god unknown

26 unbite file n° 66x fang antena krzyku

27 we wild blood drinking on trains vicious virtues hot fools

28 rampressure megalirth saftey from the herd sessions autoproduction

Artiste: rampressure
Album: saftey from the herd sessions
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: we wild blood
Album: vicious virtues
Label: hot fools

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