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  EMISSION DU 26/07/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 neurotic fiction assimilate romance specialist subject

2 raw optics crimson warrior space is the place autoproduction

3 trvss hiss new distances autoproduction

4 bailter space glaciite rain concret autoproduction

5 l´écho de l´étang dimensions l´écho de l´étang autoproduction

6 luster come back blue oblivion funeral party

7 floods in japan hadouken demo beth shalom

8 the cowboy el poño feel the chi releasing from you feel it

9 guru roses roses permanent creeps

10 tony jay little lagoon a wave in the dark paisley shirt

11 cindy wrong answer free advice paisley shirt

12 come back tiki bats tiki bats come back small ghost

13 s!ck my friends lenitive seizure urticaria

14 elmu hisab smile of a waiting man smile of a waiting man autoproduction

15 trvss the ventriloquist always has the last laugh new distances autoproduction

16 bailter space outta sight concret autoproduction

17 pink rock cranium negative space autoproduction

18 pilot voyager tremulous melted lights psychedelic source

19 the lotts we are the lotts we are the lotts autoproduction

20 julien papen psychological stress jppn - world k.o magüt

21 love cave angel teeth 2020 demo autoproduction

22 darling baptists baptists autoproduction

23 muck spreader carnal tongues rodeo mistakes brace yourself

24 metz a boat to drown in atlas vending sub pop

25 gnod & radar men from the moon what happens to memories when you die temple ov bbv rocket

26 trvss the actor new distances autoproduction

27 bailter space wasn´t the first time concret autoproduction

Artiste: bailter space
Album: concret
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: trvss
Album: new distances
Label: autoproduction

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