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  EMISSION DU 16/08/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 snow trail illusions synaptic void alien foxx

2 tall stories nosebleeds nosebleeds autoproduction

3 blacklisters white piano fantastic man a tant rêver du roi

4 opulent cult houses entitled century egg

5 world princess guilty moonflower autoproduction

6 holy motors endless night horse wharf cat

7 poolshop pass me by a shadow autoproduction

8 girls in synthesis they´re not listening now here´s an echo from you future harbinger sound

9 gaylips hello armageddon hello armagedon autoproduction

10 lamps horse cow goat pig dog people with faces in the red

11 quasi last days of the thin blue line lie last days of the thin blue line lie autoproduction

12 audiobaton untitled left home session left home

13 rosewilder understand the light that bends step stool

14 the dandruff at the crossroads the dandruff autoproduction

15 blacklisters le basement fantastic man a tant rêver du roi

16 opulent cult journal girl entitled century egg

17 wake world anarchist antichrist demo autoproduction

18 margaritas prodridas pétalos morbidos pétalos morbidos autoproduction

19 the voodoo spells gallows tree gallows tree autoproduction

20 pure adult mise en scène mise en scène autoproduction

21 alexis marshall nature in three movements nature in three movements sargent house

22 torsotree the court of pale temple spirit palace sessions autoproduction

23 yardsss cultus ii cultus self group

24 l.a. witch true believers play with fire suicide squeeze

25 girl friday earthquake androgynous mary hardly art

26 lindblom & lindblom lost gagarinos rick-rack autoproduction

27 exhalants blackened atonement hex

28 blacklisters i read my own mind fantastic man a tant rêver du roi

29 opulent cult darkness... entitled century egg

Artiste: blacklisters
Album: fantastic man
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: opulent cult
Album: entitled
Label: century egg

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