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  EMISSION DU 09/08/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mush dead beat great artisanal format memphis industries

2 plebs fighter jets fighter jets surveillance

3 vintage crop the north serve to serve again upset the rhythm

4 lazy fair song0001 061220 june regeneration 2020 autoproduction

5 norvasc marchas sanmarquinas norvasc superspace

6 crawlies old news crawlies delicious clam

7 the shits murder on my mind punishment hominid sounds

8 together forever birds are not meat hammertime autoproduction

9 saere gamle villa jeg er all right jeg er all right & tankestille travesty music

10 ribbon stage rid myself my favorite shrine k

11 flowertown flowertown theresa street paisley shirt

12 mother tongues eternity everything you wanted buzz

13 deep tissue despair patience or fear play alone

14 usa nails revolution worker character stop bigoût

15 vintage crop just my luck serve to serve again upset the rhythm

16 lazy fair song0002 061220 june regeneration 2020 autoproduction

17 heart beach days days autoproduction

18 magik markers cdrom 2020 drag city

19 wax chattels effigiency clot captured tracks

20 spectres an annhilation of the self it´s never going to happen and this is why dark habits

21 last victorian death squad badside badside shore dive

22 the switching yard endless fever brent cardinal fuzz

23 mi´ens future child future child kill rock stars

24 vintage crop life & times serve to serve again upset the rhythm

25 lazy fair song0099 061220 june regeneration 2020 autoproduction

26 household gods the sin-eater palace intrigue greyday

27 unwound for your entertainment repetition kill rock stars

Artiste: lazy fair
Album: june regeneration 2020
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: vintage crop
Album: serve to serve again
Label: upset the rhythm

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