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  EMISSION DU 13/09/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ciern the box the box autoproduction

2 snooker season the american office the american office autoproduction

3 era bleak mind control tower era bleak dirt cult

4 dozzz water passage indie works

5 good sad happy bad shades shades textile

6 jetstream pony if not now, when? if not now, when? / yellow pills spinout nuggets

7 soot meat legs soot autoproduction

8 the mymmelins boom goes the wall turn into metal autoproduction

9 no balls stabbed with a pen approaches to learning autoproduction

10 miranda winters little baby dead bird all-purpose exploding in sound

11 headcut garbage girl the flow autoproduction

11 foxeagle constancy waves on water last disorder

12 pedigree on my own? connected? rockerill

13 sweaty palms winter sports quit now nice swan

13 era bleak mri era bleak dirt cult

14 dozzz sleep talking passage indie works

15 mint field aterrizer sentimiento mundial felte

17 total rubbish honey ryder triple negative born losers

18 brandy christmas colors the gift of repetition total punk

19 shame alphabet alphabet dead oceans

20 annihilus a moon falls ghanima american decline

21 triceracops romano macdale v/a: triceracops/a shrimp case split autoproduction

22 sally haze pavilion wet dream the record machine

23 toc in the middle indoor tandori

24 cursed murphy versus the resistance burn hibernia burn cursed murphy versus the resistance autoproduction

25 exhalants end scenes atonement hex

26 sprain constant hum as lost through collision the flenser

27 dick move femoids attack chop! 1:12

28 era bleak burning sky era bleak dirt cult

28 dozzz don´t passage indie works

Artiste: era bleak
Album: era bleak
Label: dirt cult

Artiste: dozzz
Album: passage
Label: indie works

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