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  EMISSION DU 20/09/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 murina mustikkapizza wave the brain autoproduction

2 rampressure fifteen foot delivery boy fifteen foot delivery boy autoproduction

3 repairs single issue repeat, repeat autoproduction

4 albinos congo ohnohohyeah space jam ep incredible kids

5 the opioids beds & meds dissolved raw gems

6 blanche biau myosotis blanche biau autoproduction

7 mj guider lowlight sour cherry bell kranky

8 tangled up black hole tangled up autoproduction

9 ben colhoun your nana makes me smell good occupations hot fools

10 a shape broken v/a: with love, jelodanti jelodanti

11 stressless airport flowers airport flowers / 1080p autoproduction

12 dig nitty nyc reverse of mastery exploding in sound

13 saint severin the knife (original mix) the knife super 8

14 bikini beach anneliese michel atoll la pochette surprise

15 albinos congo mon pti yoshi space jam ep incredible kids

16 repairs thanks for the advice repeat, repeat autoproduction

17 torrey screens screens autoproduction

18 groupie daleko v/a: you´re gonna be great - a compilation in support of integratenyc steakhouse

19 saffron eyes springtime (with no harm) pursue a less miserable life we are unique!

20 true sons of thunder rattle trap it was then that i was carrying you total punk

21 klämp arise hate you god unknown

22 fixed stairs caffiene of headache i dreamed of diodes autoproduction

23 yammerer boa constrictor boa constrictor restless bear

24 diode ugly diode refry

25 vaguess thought machine algorithm & blues refry

26 the chemical syndicate the mangle stage an evolution autoproduction

27 red tunic tumbler tumbler c/w angel lamp born yesterday

28 tamar aphek show me your pretty side all bets are off exag´

29 repairs nimrod repeat, repeat autoproduction

30 albinos congo stay or die space jam ep incredible kids

Artiste: repairs
Album: repeat, repeat
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: albinos congo
Album: space jam ep
Label: incredible kids

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