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  EMISSION DU 27/09/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 zig zag do better do better / sorry psychic hysteria

2 body double prisonous mind milk fed zum

3 unbite babydragon fang antena krzyku

4 wax chattels mindfulness clot captured tracks

5 holy motors trouble horse wharf cat

6 angel aura u wait left home session left home

7 stomp talk modstone only illusion only illusion autoproduction

8 die! die! die! i seek misery i seek misery buzzhowl

9 twisted ankle my favourite shops twisted ankle autoproduction

10 krause the fraternity of lost men-children vagues outlines of almost recognisable shapes/the fraternity of lost men-children inner ear

11 submotile segregation segregation autoproduction

12 cathode ray eyes my skeleton´s not for sale naraka! naraka! cardinal fuzz

13 singapore sling summertime blues good sick fun fuzz club

14 moth digital crisis modern madness autoproduction

15 cower enough boys human worth

16 unbite attention economy fang antena krzyku

17 wax chattels spanners & implements clot captured tracks

18 shadow show what again is real? what again is real? b/w is this a dream? hypnotic bridge

19 fleur la tribu des trompettes fleur bickerton

20 star party veil of gauze demon 2020 autoproduction

21 memes so what so what fierce panda

22 bike thiefs you´re allowed your feelings leaking stomp

23 legss on killing a swan blues doomswayers autoproduction

24 vert:x freevolt (richard quirk/simon pott - chasms remix) addition / reduction woodford halse

25 mugstar zeta potential graft cardinal fuzz

26 dey-yey i am result i am result restless bear

27 tv face no no no no no requeen the hive autoproduction

28 gaylips the pied pipers law of economics the pied pipers law of economics autoproduction

29 unbite bulletproof fang antena krzyku

30 wax chattels an eye clot captured tracks

Artiste: unbite
Album: fang
Label: antena krzyku

Artiste: wax chattels
Album: clot
Label: captured tracks

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