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  EMISSION DU 18/10/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 tv face requeen the hive requeen the hive autoproduction

2 ghost sunday disappear ghost sunday ganache

3 super-x circle form super-x spoilsport

4 sky furrows alyosha sky furrows tape drift

5 muma ganoush early light the big beam marthouse

6 fante´s dust enigma enigma autoproduction

7 ten past seven turf war long live the dogwalrus art for blind

8 threat.meet.protocol why the witch trials autoproduction

9 cecilia payne freeze sun autoproduction

10 death hags reishi big grey sun #3 big grey sun

11 nervous twitch keeping faith in something keeping faith in something reckless yes

11 sprints drones manifesto nice swan

12 gustaf mine mine royal mountain

13 super-x turn to black super-x spoilsport

13 sky furrows ensenada sky furrows tape drift

14 rampressure on one. on one. autoproduction

15 usa nails character stop character stop bigoût

17 ohmme mine mine sub pop

18 pknn ritalin the heat ep autoproduction

19 laetitia sheriff people rise up stillness yotanka

20 the guilty pleasures alice the guilty pleasures fell down a hole dushtu

21 sky furrows foreign cities sky furrows tape drift

22 super-x terminus super-x spoilsport

Artiste: super-x
Album: super-x
Label: spoilsport

Artiste: sky furrows
Album: sky furrows
Label: tape drift

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