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  EMISSION DU 25/10/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 2 lost souls dead as a dodo dead as dodo german shepherd

2 cat piss karatom bomb zeppelin four pt. 2 autoproduction

3 usa nails no pleasure character stop bigoût

4 mugstar ghost of a ghost graft cardinal fuzz

5 lansanese everyone is gay total anjink dugtrax

6 science man crawling out science man ii swimming faith

7 andre agony mr. shocko schizophonium autoproduction

8 citrus clouds whoa whoa autoproduction

9 margaritas podridas ceremonia ceremonia autoproduction

10 pale joyride every little thing ep 2 autoproduction

11 die! die! die! 450 i seek misery buzzhowl

11 memory foam jumping the karp jumping the karp autoproduction

12 münchen konflikt eyes sick disco korobushka

13 usa nails see yourself character stop bigoût

13 mugstar low, slow horizon graft cardinal fuzz

14 magik markers find you ride 2020 drag city

15 bike thiefs connie´s got a new phone leaking stomp

17 nazca plate mass grave cicada flowerpot

18 the black pumpkins axe-wound nv happy halloween ii autoproduction

19 shoun shoun stuck stuck autoproduction

20 locean sprucce bingsteen top ten zen meditations artificial head

21 organs & mike watt 3.5 organs & mike watt ep little plastic

22 gaylips d.e.b. d.e.b. autoproduction

23 usa nails how was your weekend? character stop bigoût

24 mugstar star cage graft cardinal fuzz

Artiste: usa nails
Album: character stop
Label: bigoût

Artiste: mugstar
Album: graft
Label: cardinal fuzz

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