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  EMISSION DU 15/11/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sprints manifesto manifesto nice swan

2 hex beat earning a series of kicks mangled tapes

3 hoaries morning after pal rocker shocker reptilian

4 dragged up neighbourhood watch d/u autoproduction

5 vanishinglines denazification no replacement found little cloud

6 peel memory loop memory loop third eye stimuli

7 daydream dissolve into their likeness mystic operative dirt cult

8 cower proton-lion-tamer boys human worth

9 static fur have nots sorry future autoproduction

10 susie derkins gutless how to talk musical fanzine

11 jetstream pony grief of a (frozen) sailor grief of a (frozen) sailor / hit the snow snowflake christmas singles club

12 jessica lea mayfield emotional abandonment emotional abandonment autoproduction

13 julian calendar last transmission crimson static #4 autoproduction

14 science man the pit science man ii swimming faith

15 hoaries permanent meltdown rocker shocker reptilian

16 dragged up return of dafthead d/u autoproduction

17 desert liminal alien grace singles autoproduction

18 horsegirl forecast ballroom dance scene et cetera (best of horsegirl) autoproduction

19 deadletter fit for work fit for work autoproduction

20 friends of gas la palma v/a: friends of gas / lafote split kant qualitätsschallplatten

21 dez dare golden heartbreak ideology so cold, josephine autoproduction

22 spacetrash serpenticular isolation station - 2020 recordings autoproduction

23 baby birds an interview with destroyer buildings an olive branch wrapped in barbed wire artificial head

24 unschooling twelve twelve / don´t sneeze kuroneko

25 hoaries stoved in rocker shocker reptilian

26 dragged up happy birthday, glen and phyllis d/u autoproduction

Artiste: dragged up
Album: d/u
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: hoaries
Album: rocker shocker
Label: reptilian

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