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  EMISSION DU 22/11/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 cemento puto todo guay. no. autoproduction

2 nunofyrbeeswax danse savage stratotoaster twintoe

3 alpha hopper in the desert in the west alpha hex index hex

4 asenath anyox nostalgiacism antiquities silvis

5 empty lost in this world four autoproduction

6 marianne cult alright something by autoproduction

7 clock of time something to look forward to pestilent planet static shock

8 tabatha crash kids twist araki

9 musicsova what i am what i am / brand new day autoproduction

10 speed stick knots volume one don giovanni

11 chronophage any junkyard dreams th´pig´kiss´d soft office

11 dry cleaning scratchcard lanyard scratchcard lanyard 4ad

12 wet tropics cool california everybody get in friend club

13 taste zero bonus rope in the closet if society

13 alpha hopper glows, explodes alpha hex index hex

14 asenath anyox fiji mermaid antiquities silvis

15 ghxst shimmer dark days ep autoproduction

17 undone higher girls fountainhead meeting tent

18 mush blunt instruments lines redacted memphis industries

19 public body ask me later ask me later autoproduction

20 eyesore & the jinx accidental weller accidental weller eggy

21 light pillars searching ahead for a glimpse light pillars sound effect

22 anatrofobia alice wonders canto fermo aut

23 mosquito cntrl joan wreck sauna suit

24 flogging a dead one horse town considered mania old scum muzai

25 convulsif buried between one extinct hummus

26 paranoias misled napalm springs helta skelta

27 order of the rainbow girls kiss my tears order of the rainbow girls enjoy life

28 alpha hopper spiral alpha hex index hex

28 asenath anyox antiquities antiquities silvis

Artiste: alpha hopper
Album: alpha hex index
Label: hex

Artiste: asenath anyox
Album: antiquities
Label: silvis

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