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  EMISSION DU 20/12/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 ego death star you can´t runaway (demo) ego death star autoproduction

2 meat wave yell at the moon yell at the moon many hats

3 daydream rendered ghosts mystic operative dirt cult

4 global charming born to be a knife mediocre, brutal subroutine

5 thanks for coming i can get emotional too to be honest, i was lying beauty fool

6 lady bits look out lose the thread autoproduction

7 tunic exhaling exhaling artoffact

8 cherrry halfwit halfwit ep autoproduction

9 frauds copenhagen copenhagen alcopop!

10 purplish everlasting treasure into the future autoproduction

11 did you die never have i ever diamond heights autoproduction

11 nice biscuit fem chem create simulate believe digital

12 taut angles looking like jaap blonk looking like jaap blonk autoproduction

13 plot sentient hellhole autoproduction

13 daydream baptized & blessed mystic operative dirt cult

14 global charming no compromise mediocre, brutal subroutine

15 olsen twinz another planet milagro beauty fool

17 ailise blake mars in scorpio songs from the uncanny valley autoproduction

18 torsotree morpho prism outtakes autoproduction

19 guiding lights final warning cold reading fonoradar

20 old home dried out the anti-room autoproduction

21 nebenschau vous/du vous/du autoproduction

22 the telescopes come bring your love songs of love and revolution tapete

23 the telescopes please, before you go taste cheree

24 tribalism3 alien april on mars coax

25 dataísmo estudiante dataísmo autoproduction

26 coughin vicars what are they burning? local heritage hits autoproduction

27 canine callgrils 52.5110°n 13.3094°e fading topography autoproduction

28 daydream male kinship mystic operative dirt cult

28 global charming celebration mediocre, brutal subroutine

Artiste: daydream
Album: mystic operative
Label: dirt cult

Artiste: global charming
Album: mediocre, brutal
Label: subroutine

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